Information about our bullying and harassment investigations

According to Swedish law all employers, i.e. any organization with employees operating in Sweden, are obliged to promote a healthy and safe work environment. This responsibility includes an obligation to take action if bullying, victimization or harassment exists in a workplace.  

In order to know which measures to take the employer needs a good understanding of the current problem situation. Our bullying investigations are made for this purpose. By using a structured and proven investigation method we help employers fulfill their obligations according to the current work environment act.  

As external consultants we investigate in an objective and impartial manner. We are licensed psychologists with a background in occupational health which has given us experience from working with different types of work environment issues.   

Please contact us by phone or e-mail for more information:  


Johan Söderströmlic. psychologist, organizational consultant+4673 053 50 36

Sandra Lindström, lic. psychologist, organizational consultant: +4670 529 52 14